RFSD is committed to administering a district-wide survey to educators every year to assess teaching conditions at the school and district levels. The survey includes actionable data and detailed information intended to inform our planning process for each school and the district over the summer months. Questions included topics on community engagement and support, teacher leadership, school leadership, managing student conduct, use of time, professional development, facilities and resources, instructional practices and support and new teacher support.

This year's survey was administered mid-March through April 4, 2014. More than 75% of RFSD educators completed the survey this year. We based our survey on the Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Colorado. The TELL survey is administered to educators throughout the state every other year and the RFSD district-wide survey is intended to fill in the gap year when the TELL survey is not being administered.

The original intent was to create a survey that was similar to the TELL survey in order to compare data from year to year.In the interest of full transparency, we want to let you know that we made a mistake in attempting to adapt the TELL survey. We inadvertently used different wording for the answer categories, which makes it is impossible to make a direct comparison to last year's official TELL survey. In spite of this mistake, we are still able to learn a lot about staff perceptions in our schools, but we cannot track changes from year-to-year. We will fix this in future years' administration.

Another difference between the district survey and the TELL survey is that teachers were given the opportunity to answer much more detailed questions about the principals and assistant principals in their schools, the answers to which will be used in administrators' annual performance evaluations. In the TELL survey administrators are combined for each school. Due to the fact that it is easy to identify individuals from the data, we are ethically and legally bound not to share it publicly. Teachers' opinions will be reviewed formally with all administrators and incorporated into their formal evaluation process. In the future, some more general questions will be added about school leadership so that the public, too, can see general perceptions of leadership in each school.

The survey is meant to identify areas of strength on which to build, and areas of concern to address in order to make our district and schools stronger. We believe that it has met those goals and that it is providing valuable information to inform our improvement efforts.


Complete results at the district and school level can be found here.

The administrator data (principals and assistant principals) will be used for leadership development but will not be released to the public to protect the privacy of individuals evaluated.


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