How We Support Mental Health

The Roaring Fork Schools know that mental health is every bit as important as physical health is for student success in school and in life. That’s why we have mental health professionals in our schools and available through partnerships to support our students. 

Thanks to grant funding, we have a prevention specialist in each community to support student success by addressing risk factors and working within schools to promote healthy and safe behaviors while preventing substance abuse and violence. In addition to working directly with students, prevention specialists provide education and resources to parents.

Additionally, we regularly administer the Colorado Healthy Kids Survey to identify early warning signs of risky and health-threatening adolescent behaviors so that we can intervene with early education and prevention. We have worked with community agencies to provide increased access to mental health services and to combat substance use and addiction. We train all of our teachers in identifying signs of suicidality. We have school based health centers in Basalt and Carbondale providing on-site mental health access for students. And family liaisons help all families remove barriers to, and gain access to, healthcare and other vital services.

Mental Health Crisis Info

Please utilize the mental health resources below if you are in crisis:

  • Aspen Hope Center - 970-925-5858

  • Mind Springs Health 24/7 hotline - 888-207-4004, or text TALK to 38255.

  • Colorado Crisis Service - 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text "Talk" to 38255

Resources & Supports

Family Resource Center: We have Family Liaisons in all of our school that help support several needs for our students. These include access for mental health sessions in our community.

Counselors: There are school counselors in each of our buildings that help support the well being and mental health of our students. These experts are available to discuss social emotional issues as well as college and career counseling. To access the school counselors please contact the office staff who can let you know the process to meet with these experts.

Social workers and School Psychologists: We have a dedicated staff of school social workers and psychologists that are available for the district. They serve students that are in special education or have more intense needs.

Therapeutic Partners: We have contracted with Mindsprings and the Hope Center to have mental health professionals in our Middle and High schools. To access these experts, please contact the front office.