Our Approach to Early Childhood & Preschool

In the Roaring Fork Schools, we focus on the whole child, which means taking into consideration all of the child’s developmental areas: physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and language. We recognize individual children for their strengths, talents, and diverse needs. We customize our approach to ensure that all children experience success and growth towards meeting their learning goals. We believe in:

  • Facilitating learning through play
  • Building relationships and family partnerships
  • Nurturing every child
  • Maintaining safe learning environments
  • Developing character skills
  • Honoring the culture, languages and values of our families
  • Being reflective of the communities in which we live.
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To learn more about options and availability at each school, please contact the director of each elementary school. Glenwood Springs Elementary School - https://gses.rfsd.k12.co.us/preschool-d661c1d2 Sopris Elementary School- https://ses.rfsd.k12.co.us/preschool-fd3cb360 Riverview Elementary School - https://rs.rfsd.k12.co.us/preschool-a789678d Crystal River Elementary School - https://cres.rfsd.k12.co.us/preschool-47fc450a Basalt Elementary School- https://bes.rfsd.k12.co.us/preschool-fbb43869

If you have questions during breaks or over the summer, please call our main office at 970-384-6004.

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Program Overview and Schedule

Early childhood education is offered at every elementary school in the district and serves children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years. We run two types of programs: -Toddler programming: for children between the ages of 12 months and 3 years old. Maximum of 8 students, with a ratio of 2 teachers to 8 children. -Preschool programming: for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years. Maximum of 16 students, with a ratio of 2 teachers to 16 children. Preschool and toddler classes run on the Roaring Fork School Districts school schedule; including observing holidays, school breaks, and closing during the summer. Each preschool has their own hours of operation.

Preschool Programs and Resources

The Roaring Fork Preschools offer assistance and programs through several resources. They are as follows: Roaring For Family Liaisons The Early Childhood Family Liaisons work with families to help young children access academic and non-academic support services in order to support early development and to foster social-emotional skills. Family Liaisons are supervised by the Early Childhood Director and coached by the Family Services Director.

EC Family Liaison Goals Include: Work with ChildFind Coordinator to provide screenings and evaluations to determine eligibility for Early Intervention and Special Education services. Work with school staff to identify students/families in need of support. Help Families sign up for health insurance and public benefits. Connect young children to appropriate school/childcare and community resources. Build relationships between schools, families, and community partners. Provide interpretation for parents as needed. Help families to work toward goals that will make them more self-reliant, utilizing a strength-based approach. Plan and lead parent education/coaching programs. Participate in collaborations and initiatives that support young children and families. Plan and implement preventative services that enhance young children’s health and development. (Your child does not need to be enrolled in our preschool programs in order to be eligible for services.) ChildFind: Child Find offers free developmental screenings and evaluations for children between the ages of birth and 21 years who may have a disability. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development, please call Jocelyn at 970-384-6006 for additional information. Colorado Preschool Program The Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) is a state-funded early education program administered by the Colorado Department of Education. CPP provides access to quality early childhood education for children who lack overall learning readiness. Each year the General Assembly provides preschool funding for 28,360 children who have certain risk factors in their lives that are associated with later challenges in school. Roaring Fork Schools has 283 state-funded slots which allow qualifying 3 and 4-year-old children to participate in early childhood programs. A child must turn 3 years old on or before October 1st to be considered. All preschool applications will automatically be reviewed to determine if the family qualifies for a CPP funded preschool slot. There is no need to complete a separate application.

Early Childhood Staff