Habits of a Scholar

As a result of the 2013 visioning process, the Roaring Fork Schools developed a set of core values that were incorporated into teaching and learning in all schools. The components of Habits of a Scholar are defined in the acronym ExPECT, Executive Skills, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Compassion, and Teamwork.

Core Beliefs for the Development of Habits of a Scholar
  1. Modeled: We lead by exemplifying the habits in our interactions with students, parents, and colleagues.

  2. Reflective: We seek first to understand, so we explore the needs behind challenging behaviors and recognize our own roles and responsibility in difficult interactions.

  3. Instructive: We explicitly teach the habits in less structured settings prior to expecting them universally; we consistently and positively reinforce the habits in practice.

  4. Relational: We commit to intentionally build safe and healthy relationships with students, and we support their positive relationship-building with each other.

  5. Restorative: We acknowledge that part of teaching and learning is the ability to manage conflict in relationships and address harm done. When relational harm has occurred, we support those involved in taking responsibility for their actions and pursuing opportunities for repair and reintegration.

Habits of a Scholar (behavior expectations)
  1. Compassion: Considerate and respectful of self, others and the world around us.

  2. Teamwork: Works with others to achieve common goals.

  3. Perseverance: Persists through challenges.

Executive Skills: Plans, organizes and manages behaviors and responsibilities.

  1. Enthusiasm: Pursues passions and shows love of learning.
Goal for Discipline Policies and Procedures

To foster collaborative partnerships between staff and students and to engage students in solving the problems that affect their lives while teaching them the habits necessary for healthy relationships and happy lives.