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Identification Process
Roaring Fork School District follows established procedures for the identification of gifted/talented students that align with state guidelines and the Exceptional Child Education Act (ECEA). Both formal and informal data are used in the collection of a body of evidence over time to substantiate a student’s talent in specific areas. Ultimately, the process guides programming for each identified student. Identification is an ongoing process that is facilitated by the PEAK Coordinator in each building. Nomination forms can be found below.
To find gifted students whose aptitude or competence in abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment in one or more domains are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational programming needs. ECEA Rules, revised in 2015, specify the areas for gifted identification in Colorado. A student may be identified in one or more of these domains (areas):
General or Specific Intellectual Ability
Intellectual ability is exceptional capability or potential recognized through cognitive processes (e.g., memory, reasoning, rate of learning, spatial reasoning, ability to find and solve problems, ability to manipulate abstract ideas and make connections.)
Creative or Productive Thinking
Creative or productive thinking is exceptional capability or potential in mental processes (e.g., critical thinking, creative problem solving, humor, independent/original thinking, and/or products).
Leadership Abilities
Leadership is the exceptional capability or potential to influence and empower people (e.g., social perceptiveness, visionary ability, communication skills, problem solving, inter- and intra- personal skills, and a sense of responsibility).