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About Us
Our school-based family liaisons work with students, families and communities to create and maintain school and community partnerships, promote health, build self-reliance and prevent/reduce high-risk behaviors. Our team takes a comprehensive approach in accomplishing our mission, focusing on the following three areas:

1. Student support/connecting students with health, academic and family support services while removing barriers to care. This is accomplished by:
• Collaborating with families, schools and communities
• Working with school staff to identify students in need
• Connecting students to appropriate resources
• Mentoring and building relationships with students
• Providing case management, care coordination and funds procurement as needed for identified student and family needs

2. Family engagement/family strengthening efforts that include:
• Working with families to remove barriers to academic success
• Setting and working toward family goals that move them toward self-reliance
• Planning and leading school parent nights, groups and classes
• Providing newcomer orientation and enrollment assistance
• Implementing a two-generation approach in all case management

3. Community partnerships/advocacy, with education and partnering that involves:
• Participation in youth and family centered training, collaborations and coalitions

Health insurance, utility assistance, food, counseling and vision exams are just a few example of the services we help families to access. Liaisons also help to enroll new students, to translate and interpret, plan, and lead parent nights.
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