About Us

Do you know the liaisons in your school and in your community? If not, get to know them here, and learn more about the services the family services/Family Resource Center team can provide.

Our school- and community-based family liaisons work with students, families, and communities to create and maintain school and community partnerships, promote health, build self-reliance, and prevent/reduce high-risk behaviors.

Through case-management and collaboration with community partners, liaisons help to address basic needs such as food, housing, and utilities, transportation, and clothing; secure services and help navigate systems for medical, vision, dental and mental health care; increase financial literacy; build parenting skills and more. The liaison team utilizes best practices and accountability measures from the Family Resource Center Association to support families building on their strengths, identify reasonable goals that will cultivate self-reliance, and track quality outcomes. Our work is centered on a two-generation strengths-based approach that meets families where they are. The majority of our referrals and means of identifying at-risk families come through our school staff (teachers, administrators, counselors). Other referrals come from community partners including Pediatric Partners, Mountain Family Health Centers, Mind Springs Health, The Hope Center, and Coalition for Families. Families are also often self-referred.

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