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Enrollment Process
For the 2019-20 school year, the Roaring Fork Schools will be asking only those students who want to attend a school at which they do not have a guaranteed seat to indicate their enrollment intent starting in late February through March 20. This applies to current students who wish to change schools, as well as to new students who wish to attend a school outside of their attendance area. (See attendance area map here.) This process will be a student’s best chance to be enrolled at his or her desired school if not guaranteed a spot at that particular school.

The majority of students do not need to participate in the enrollment process this year. Those who do not fill out a form will be enrolled automatically in their default or projected school. For current students, the projected school is the school a student has been attending. For transition-year students (students transitioning to the next school level), the projected school is the school in the same community attendance area. For instance, a 4th grade student at Basalt Elementary School will be automatically enrolled at Basalt Middle School for the following year. For new students, the projected school is the school in a student’s attendance area.

The Roaring Fork Schools’ enrollment process will ensure a transparent and equitable process for students wanting to attend a school at or near capacity. Glenwood Springs High School is anticipated to be at or near capacity next year. Certain grade levels will be near or at capacity in several other schools throughout the district. As such, a student’s best chance to enroll in his or her school of choice is to complete an intent-to-enroll form during this early window.