Staff Housing Opportunities

RFSD Staff Housing Lotteries: Whenever a unit of staff housing is available, the application is provided via all staff email and newsletters. We rank applicants based on the criteria in our guidelines. If there is a tie in the rankings, we run a random lottery. Reach out to your Human Resource Representative to learn more about Staff Housing.

Free-Market Housing in each community: See this list of free-market units offered to RFSD staff from community members (only visible to RFSD staff; requests to share list with non-rfschools emails will be ignored. RFSD staff may not share these listings with non-RFSD staff). These units are not managed or subsidized by RFSD. We are simply trying to help RFSD staff find more housing opportunities. If you would like to add your rental or for-sale unit to this list, please complete this form.

Staff Housing Overview

In November of 2015, Roaring Fork Schools passed a voter-approved $122 million bond for capital construction, improvements, and upgrades. A total of $15 million ($5 million per community) was allocated and used to build 66 rental housing units. The staff housing program is part of the district’s effort to make living in the Roaring Fork Valley more affordable for our teachers and other staff members. These rental units will allow employees to remain with the district without market housing conditions forcing them away. Hopefully, they will also provide a bridge to permanent housing as the affordable nature will allow staff to save money for future home purchases. You can read the full Staff Housing Guidelines here.