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Prepared for distance learning if needed

While we are anticipating an increase in Covid cases in our community due to the Omicron variant, our goal remains maintaining in-person learning if possible while also keeping everyone safe.

A class, grade, or entire school may need to transition to distance learning or cancel school based on our:

  • Ability to meaningfully deliver the academic program;
  • Ability to provide sufficient supervision;
  • Risk of major outbreak or transmission within the school;
  • Ability to deliver Federal or State mandated programs;
  • Ability to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the building;
  • Ability to provide reliable transportation to and from school.

If we need to move to distance learning:

  • We will need 1-2 days to transition.

  • Teachers will need to adjust lesson plans

  • Shools will need to send home Chromebooks and other materials

  • We will need to alter plans to provide meals, mental health support, and other vital services.

And once a class, grade, or school shifts to distance learning, our plan is to stay in that mode for one week, unless conditions require longer.

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Access Family Services

Family liaisons are available during distance learning or quarantine to support families with direct support for food, internet, childcare access, and economic assistance. If you are worried about a child's or family's wellbeing, please reach out to or call (970) 384-6018.