Culture of Character

The Roaring Fork Schools are committed to supporting the development of students’ character skills. It is our mission to ensure that every student develops the enduring knowledge, skills, and character to thrive in a changing world.

Tucked inside our beautiful valley are three unique communities - similar in stunning natural beauty and adventurous spirit yet distinct in traditions and history. Our schools are an important part of our identity - after all, they hold our future. We want our schools to be safe havens for our children to learn, grow, belong, and thrive. We in the Roaring Fork District love the unique culture of our amazing little towns and schools and we know you do too. What do we mean when we say “school culture?” School culture, put simply, is “the way we roll.” Culture is the habits we create together, our rituals, traditions, and expectations. The way we greet one another in the morning when we get off the bus. The way we share meals in the cafeteria. The way we tell jokes and swap stories with our classmates. The ways we support one another to be our best selves every day. Culture is the way we celebrate accomplishments and the way we learn from our mistakes. Historic Roaring Fork Schools discipline data tells a story of disproportionate response across gender and ethnicity. Our goal is to disrupt this pattern. We know relationships are our superpower, so our strategies for building culture rely heavily on the personal ways in which students and staff learn from one another. Through our emphasis on restorative practices embedded in our Disciplinary Matrix, the RFSD instructional model rubrics for effective classroom management, and crew mentality, we support belonging, equity, mastery, engagement and wellness. All RFSD schools have practices in place to foster a supportive school climate including norms, routines, and procedures. In the RFSD Crew, everyone belongs. Go Demons! Go Longhorns! Go Rams! Go Frogs! Go Osprey & Eagles & Cougars & Grizzlies too!