• Rigorous and Clear Expectations: Design and implement an instructional vision, centered on emerging bilingual students, including identifying the adult mindsets and culturally responsive pedagogy, that enables rigorous instruction and deep levels of cognitive engagement. Ensure that all students are prepared for the postsecondary opportunities of their choice with no difference in achievement and choice between student subgroups.

  • High quality, culturally relevant curriculum (24/25): Students must access and engage with high-quality, rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum through alignment, implementation, and fidelity to district-shared core curricula.

  • Teacher development (24/25): Strengthen observation, feedback, and coaching systems to develop teachers' skill with executing rigorous, engaging lessons.

  • Student-Centered Post-secondary Pathways (24/25): Strengthen college and career planning, education, and opportunities (6-12) through student-centered design and pathways.

  • Unit and lesson plan unpacking and understanding (24/25): Deepen and support teachers' understanding of and effective preparation for units and lessons through intentional lesson design centered on emerging bilingual students, and team and leader collaboration.

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