Our approach to curriculum and instruction

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment team exists to support principals and teachers in making the best choices for all kids in all schools based upon data, research and available resources. The team works to align practices within individual buildings and across the district in order to maximize student achievement and provide the most equitable experience for all kids. Instructional facilitators work on one-to-one coaching of teachers as well as providing professional development to larger groups of staff. In addition to looking at traditional assessments, the team is working towards common staff and student surveys to help address culture, climate, and social-emotional needs as well. We believe that a well-rounded education includes both cognitive and non-cognitive (character) skills and want to graduate students who are adept in both areas. We are here to support and maximize the important and hard work happening in classrooms across RFSD.

Instructional Team
Instructional Model: Engaging Classroom; Design Elements; Engaging Instruction
Strategic Literacy Plan
Literacy Plan Spanish