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Share an idea, concern, complaint, or appreciation?
The Roaring Fork Schools are committed to high-quality, two-way communication with its many stakeholders. We continuously work to improve our communications at both the district and school levels. The district utilizes many strategies to share and receive information to support productive communication. We want to hear from and be able to engage with our stakeholders with the goal of continuous improvement for our schools.
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How can I influence or participate in program or policy decisions?
Influence school and district program and policy decisions: Our administration and board members value parent voice in decision-making and governance and have several formal channels through which parents can provide input. The Superintendent Advisory Committee and District Advisory Committee both hold meetings throughout the district and recruit parent, staff, and community member participants. Additionally, each school has a parent accountability group that invites parent feedback and discusses school-level matters.

The district surveys parents from all schools on specific policy and program decisions as needed. Parent and staff surveys are an especially important way for us to learn about what parents and staff members think, where we have strengths and weaknesses, and where we need to make changes.

Every two years, seats on the Board of Education are open for election--any parent or community member who lives in an open director district area can run for a seat.