Yesterday, a CenturyLink fiber-optic link was cut near Carbondale, knocking out much of the cell phone, landline, and internet service in our area for many hours. The Carbondale and Basalt schools were not able to communicate with parents yesterday as our internet and phones were impacted.

We always prioritize the safety of our students, and we want parents to understand what we do in this sort of situation to keep our students safe. We recently switched to a new VOIP phone system in most of our schools that allows us to make emergency phone calls even when the network is down. Additionally, all schools are equipped with radios to use for internal communication.

The Carbondale and Basalt Police Departments are available to provide assistance and have really strong partnerships with our schools. If this happens in the future, please know that you can come to the school if you need to contact your student or our staff.

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