Beginning Monday, August 14, the Grand Avenue Bridge will be closed for approximately 95 days. The bridge closure will impact around 1,100 Roaring Fork students and 175 staff members who cross the bridge daily to get to school in Glenwood Springs or upvalley. Because of the significant impact on our student, staff, and parents, we are asking all parents to provide feedback on their plans and needs during the bridge closure so that we can better prepare for the closure.

During the closure, there will be considerable traffic delays unless there is a 35 percent reduction in traffic, which has never been accomplished before. If the traffic reduction is not successful during peak hours, which includes school commuting hours, motorists can anticipate considerable delays and substantially increased travel times of an hour or more throughout Glenwood Springs.

“While we are all excited about this new infrastructure for our community, no one is looking forward to living through the construction process. We are all going to be living with a lot of inconvenience and, in some cases, hardship next fall. And we are all going to need a lot of patience and cooperation,” said Superintendent Rob Stein.

The Roaring Fork Schools is working with CDOT, the City of Glenwood Springs, and the Grand Avenue Bridge team to plan for the anticipated impacts. The district is exploring creative solutions, including:

  • Dramatically altering bus routes;
  • Altering drop off and pick up times schools;
  • Eliminating trips that conflict with increased route times; and
  • Organizing student car pools, bike convoys, walking school buses, etc. 

We are asking all parents to provide feedback on their plans during the detour to help us better plan for transportation and building needs during the bridge closure. Because some Basalt and Carbondale students commute from downvalley, we are asking parents in these communities to let us know if they are interested in participating in early or late supervision or programming.

If your child(ren) attend(s) a Glenwood Springs school, please complete one survey for each school at which you have a child enrolled:

If your child(ren) attend(s) a school in Carbondale or Basalt, please complete the survey for your community: Carbondale Parent Survey (English or Spanish) or Basalt Parent Survey (English or Spanish).


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