One of our strategic initiatives is to engage families in a way that fosters enhanced communications, creates welcoming school environments, and provides support. We know that the best way to make sure every student in our school succeeds is to build a strong partnership between families, the school, and the community. The parent survey is designed to gain feedback about both parents' and students' experiences with their school and the district at large. Individual responses are anonymous, and feedback is used by the district and the schools to identify bright spots and needed improvement.

The survey questions sought to understand strengths and areas of improvement for:

  • Making families feel welcome in our schools,
  • Communicating effectively,
  • Supporting students’ success and educational rights,
  • Parent input in school and district decisions, and
  • Community collaboration.

Survey questions are aligned with the National Standards for Family-School Partnership Power of Partnerships survey and the Colorado Department of Education Parent Survey.

May 2017 Family Survey Results

When reviewing the Family Survey results, it is important to consider the limitations of the survey. First, the overall response rate was only 14% of the parent/guardian households in the Roaring Fork Schools, and the rate varied greatly by school. Second, this baseline administration of the survey did not capture a representative sample of our families. In fact, 89% of the respondents reported that English was the primary language spoken in the home, though English dominant households only comprise about 50% of our student body. Lastly, the reports show only the percentage of favorable responses. Favorable responses include only agree or strongly agree responses and across many of the questions, parents were neutral.


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