Final 2018 19 Calendar

At the April 11, 2018 Board of Education meeting, the Roaring Fork Schools’ 2018-19 calendar was approved as presented upon the second and final reading. The planning process and feedback received is described in detail in this comprehensive summary. A draft for the 2019-20 school year will be presented at the April 25 board meeting for first reading.

The calendar committee is not proposing a later school day start for high schools for the 2018-19 calendar. However, the committee is still exploring a later start for high schools as an option for 2019-20 and beyond. The committee will be doing additional research and outreach to determine if a later start is the right decision for our high schools.

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The Pursuit of Excellence is not for the Faint of Heart - Tom Peters
In 2017, Carbondale Middle School and Carbondale Community School ranked in the top 2% of middle schools in the state for CMAS Mathematics growth, and Glenwood Springs High School's 9th grade ranked in the top 8% of high schools in the state for CMAS Mathematics growth.
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High quality instruction in every classroom centers on recognizing that learners must be authentically engaged in the work at hand. We believe in our students’ capabilities and that instruction can be orchestrated to move all students forward in their learning each and every day.   

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